All That Remains

Growing up rich isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Jack Kotter Jr. is a young man being groomed to take over the family business. But it’s not a Ma and Pa corner store we’re talking about. Kotter Industries happens to be a multibillion dollar worldwide corporation. When he’s forced to step into his dad’s shoes permanently, he realizes just how ruthless the world of business can be. Especially, when he finds out big daddy held a lifelong family secret. Join Jack on his Titanic adventure as he navigates the landmines of the business world while trying to balance friendships, love, and a family secret kept through several generations. By the way, there is also a maniac on the loose, and she has her sights set on Jack. Humor, mystery, adventure, and, of course, sex. Then add in a little need for speed, and you have a great bedtime story.

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476 pages | 6×9

Paperback $18.95
Hardback $27.95
Kindle $3.99