The Author

Robert LeBrunI was born at Johns Hopkins Hospital in 1967 and raised in Baltimore Maryland. I attended Chesapeake High School and received my diploma in 1985. Like every other young adult, I started off working various odd jobs. I attended Essex Community College for a short period of time but decided not to take a path of higher education. Since then, I’ve become a  Husband and father. In 1998, I graduated from the Baltimore City Police Academy and proudly served  for ten years as a uniformed patrol officer. In 2008, I accepted a position as a Baltimore City Vice Detective. I’ve enjoyed the past five years serving in a plain clothes capacity and currently hold the same position.

I’ve always been fascinated with the story of Titanic. I heard the story for the first time as a young child and ever since then, dreamed about the day she would be found. The year of my high school graduation, the media broadcasted the story on radio and television that Titanic was finally located. Within that same story, the media also advised there would be no salvage attempt. During the first televised documentary, it was revealed to the world that Titanic had broken in half as she sank to the bottom of the Atlantic ocean.

From the time of her sinking, there’s been plenty of news coverage, movies and documentaries. Although Titanic rests peacefully at the bottom of the Atlantic ocean, there will never be any peace for the souls that lost there lives. ALL THAT REMAINS has played out in my head for many years and now I’ve written the story for you to enjoy.